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If you want to make money on eBay or other auction sites, then you need to buy low and sell high. SaleHoo is a great source of supply to do just that. They can even help with things like drop shipping so that you do not even have to get bored standing in line at the Post Office! Sign up and they can help you with all kinds of STUFF to sell at auction. (grin) Here we have a product for those who are tired of pussy footing around in their auction activities and who want to get serious about making serious money and making a serious name for themselves as well. Do you have access to a digital camera? Do you like to take pictures? Take stock photos and get paid for it (when they sell). Take pictures of things in your environment, but if your pictures are not of the same things as everyone else then yours will stand out and you will get more sales per photograph. I suggest business, industrial, and infrastructure themes. For a comparison of work at home programs click here.

Here we have instruction in more tips and techniques to improve your ability to make more money form your eBay experience. If you have ever dreamed of setting up an eBay store then this is an essential resource for you. Similar to Ultimatewealthpackage with an attitude. (See the link at the end of the description of the photography opportunity above or the 'other opportunities' link at the bottom of the page for more information about Ultimatewealthpackage.)
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If you plan to do an internet business then this is the best hosting service that I have found: Reliability built in, Lots of disk space, Lots of bandwidth, No indecent websites allowed. This is a hosting company that will not cram other people's advertisements onto your site. -- If you want to run advertisements then you can and you get paid fully for it. The Unlimited Pro plan definitely gives the best price per hosted site allowed. (16 of them!) Unless your site requires ASP, Cold Fusion, or MS Access the use of a LINUX hosting plan is recommended. No matter what you use on your home computer Linux is the standard on the internet for hosting services and will save you money while giving you more features (like free counters, etc.). Prices are quoted for a 2 year contract paid in advance.
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